Chris Hogan Signed by the Patriots



The Bills lost a good chunk of their 2015 wide receiver production. Chris Hogan was signed to the New England Patriots on Friday. While I can’t say that I am surprised, I believe that he will excel in the Patriots dink and dunk system. In 2015 Hogan played in 626 snaps and was targeted 58 times according to Pro Football Focus (PFF). That’s a solid amount of targets given the Bills’ offensive philosophy. Hogan was able to reel in 36 catches for 450 yards and 2 touchdowns.

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The Patriots plan on paying him nearly 4 million a year for three years. But they needed to replace some of the production left behind from longtime Patriot Brandon Lafell. Lafell’s statistics were very similar, he finished with 40 catches for 521 yards. But Lafell had issues holding onto the ball, he dropped ten balls in 2015 as opposed to Hogan’s four.

Where Hogan will most certainly help New England is from the 0-9 yard box. Hogan was targeted 32 times and he brought in 26 (36 total) of those passes in that quadrant. Chris dropped four passes in that very same area, where Lafell dropped eight…

Besides replacing Lafell, I think that the Patriots see Hogan as a guy that can play the slot position if Julian Edelman gets banged up. He is a very versatile player who is a sneaky route runner.

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He can separate at the line of scrimmage because he knows how to set defenders up. Before you know it he is down the seam.

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Do I believe that he is worth the nearly four million a year that he will get in New England? No, but I do think he will fit in their system well.