Colts vs. Bills: Uncovering Dorian Williams’ Rookie Performance


In this film analysis, Erik Turner reviews Dorian Williams’ performance in the Buffalo Bills’ preseason game against the Colts. Williams, a rookie linebacker, demonstrated various skills and techniques, both in run defense and coverage. The analysis highlights Williams’ tackling ability, processing of plays, coverage skills, and pass rush moves. The review also touches on his understanding of defensive schemes and adjustments. Overall, Williams displayed potential and areas for improvement in his rookie performance.

– Dorian Williams’ rookie performance against the Colts is analyzed in detail.
– He had six solo tackles, one assisted tackle, and two stops in the game.
– Williams demonstrated both strengths and areas for improvement in his performance.

A thorough breakdown of Dorian Williams’ performance in his rookie game against the Colts. The breakdown showcases Williams’ abilities, highlight his successes, and point out areas where he could enhance his performance. This analysis serves as a learning tool for viewers to understand the intricacies of his plays, his role in the defensive scheme, and the nuances of his execution in both run defense and pass coverage.


0 – Intro
0:21 – Leading with hands
1:42 – Pop on contact
2:25 – Coverage down Seam
3:03 – Executing coverage checks
4:16 – Zone Read
6:12 – Tackling in space
6:38 – Carrying Rail route downfield
8:30 – Finding targets in Zone
10:45 – Tackling in space
11:19 – Pass rush
12:09 – Pop on contact
12:44 – Man Coverage vs TE
13:51 – Athleticism on display