Cover 1 | Film Room: Tyrod Taylor’s Interceptions


Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman “Taylored” the offense to Tyrod’s strengths. A run first attack paired with a vertical passing game that could still operate if the play broke down. Tyrod didn’t have to take many chances in the passing game because he was always in good down and distance situations. Nonetheless, his first season was a major success considering his lack of experience. Take a look at some of his advanced stats below.

Statistical Season According to Pro Football Focus

  • 20 TDs
  • 6 INTs
  • 3,035 yds
  • 7.99 yds/att (5th overall)
  • 63.7% YIA =% of QB’s passing yardage that comes before the catch (1st overall)
  • 28 completions of 20+ yds (5th most)
  • 12 TDs, 3 INTs of 20+ yds
  • 177 dropbacks under pressure=37.9% (7th highest)
  • Completion percentage under pressure=55.4% (6th highest)
  • Accuracy under pressure=67% (8th highest)


I break down the 6 interceptions below to give you an idea into how well he played last season. He will need to continue to take care of the ball if he wants to lead this team into the playoffs in 2016.


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