Denver Broncos Scouting Gifs


Expect a lot of man to man coverage, and tight, press man.



The Cowboys have a lot of trust in their QB. On this play, the Cowboys have a run called but Dak likes the matchup so he quick throws to Dez Bryant. Coaches will definitely talk with the refs to keep an eye on illegal man downfield on these plays.


An issue that the Bills have dealt with in the new zone blocking scheme has been their ineffectiveness to cut defenders on the backside of these runs.


The Broncos defense is not only fast but they are extremely disciplined.



3rd and 7-This will be trouble this week. The Broncos will align a defender over the center which forces the offensive line to account for him. This gives everyone 1 on 1s and that includes Von Miller.


A concept the Bills ran a lot last week versus the Panthers Cover 4 defense was the tosser concept. It’s a double slants concept and it’s one Taylor struggled with. The Broncos run it here and the coverage and windows are tight. The throw goes incomplete.


When you have a defender like Von Miller, a lot of coaches will attack him by running at him. Well that is so tough to do especially if a tight end is responsible for blocking him. As good as Clay has been as a blocker the last couple years, the scheme had a lot to do with that. Clay was crucial as a pin/down blocker. He has struggled one on one when asked to base block against defenders so far this season. There will be times when he will be responsible for Miller.


With as much man coverage as the Broncos play, the Bills need to utilize stacked WR formations. This will force the defenders to play in off coverage and give the Bills WRs the space to operate.


The Broncos defense is so talented that they are able to pressure with six defenders and play man coverage with ease.


The Bills offensive staff has been under fire recently for their play calling and I do agree to a certain extent. But I have to give them credit for improving Taylor’s snap to attempt numbers. Last season Taylor led the NFL in 2.97 seconds. This season he has done a better job of getting rid of the ball, registering 2.65 seconds. This is the 5th quickest and does show a level of improvement. If Taylor holds onto the ball against the Broncos any longer than that 2.65 seconds he will be sacked.