The Fantasy Football Draft Guide

  Enjoy your free sample of Cover 1’s premium content. If you enjoy in-depth football analysis please subscribe!   No day in the fantasy football season is as important as draft day. It’s at the draft that you can set yourself up for either a fun, lucrative season or a season in which by Thanksgiving, you’re pretending fantasy football and the Gronk 69ers never existed. The key to staying competitive is as boring as it is constant: consistent opportunity. Get as many weekly “touches” on your team as possible. Trend toward high-upside players in the late rounds, but focus less on highlights and more on first downs. More than you want to admit, fantasy football is about luck. You can’t force a team to use your player at the goal line. You can’t target him on every fade. You can only sit there, helplessly watching his circumstance unfold before your eyes – hoping at the end of it that he’s the one dancing in the paint. It’s a lottery, really. You’re hoping your players’ number comes up. What separates great fantasy players from the annual bottom-dwellers is a focus on having the most lottery numbers in play. Find the guys … Continue reading The Fantasy Football Draft Guide