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    I was keeping track of what I spent over a six month period and for Ignite Reviews ALL four programs combined I was spending approximately $110.00 per month and that included factoring in the one time fee of the muscle program to burn the fat off ($10), the berry ($20 mo) and tea program ($50 mo.)

    To give an example, the calories burnt during running will be more than just walking for the same time or distance. The excess calories that we consume from the food are stored in the body for getting utilized in the future, something like a bank deposit. The only key to a systematic weight loss is to burn off more calories than your body requires.

    Yerba Mate – Clinical trials suggest that the Yerba Mate has LDL- Cholesterol reduction capabilities and improves serum lipid parameters in healthy dislipidemic individuals.

    Find an exercise partner. Having an exercise partner helps you to keep yourself accountable for your exercise regime, because now “someone else knows about it”. Having an exercise partner will also make your sessions more enjoyable, since you have someone in your company.

    If all goes well, we’d no longer have to pop pills. We could just apply a medicine on the skin, just like a lotion and let it get absorbed into the body. As far as the weight loss counterparts are concerned, they just need to be applied on the stomach, thighs and other fatty areas of the body.

    In today’s fast paced environment, we rely a lot on supplements to do their bit in keeping the body in shape. However, herbal extracts, the herbs themselves or fruits and vegetables are often more powerful and safe compared to their synthetic counterparts.

    Get the right gear: One of the benefits of running, is that there is very little that you have to buy. The most important thing to buy is a good pair of shoes. Believe it or not, finding a good pair of shoes does not mean that you have to purchase expensive shoes.

    There has always been a direct relation between drinking water and losing weight. Water aids in weight loss by boosting your metabolism rate, thus making way for quick weight loss. Try drinking hot lemon water in the morning.

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