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    Anyone have any season win totals they love besides the Lions Over and the Bears Under? Those are getting a ton of love but I like trying to find a few outliers. I don’t bet a ton of futures because I don’t want to tie up $ for 6 months, but it’s a good exercise to try and predict outcomes for a season.

    I’m fading the Dolphins win total in 2022. Last year they overachieved by going 8-1 to end the season after a brutal start. I believe Warren Sharp’s adjusted strength of schedule model says they had the easiest schedule in 2021 and they have one of the higher increases in strength of schedule. PFF has them under 8 wins on almost 55% of their simulations.

    I think the AFC is going to be tough. Even the “3rd place” schedule is going to be tough. I like them under 9 wins. Thoughts?

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