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    Not taking care of your body can lead to heart failure. This means your heart is unable to circulate your blood properly leading to fatigue and weakness. In the worst case, heart failure can lead to a heart attack where circulation stops completely. Medication can help heart failure, but sometimes cardiothoracic surgery is necessary. Bypass surgery is fairly common where veins and arteries are grafted onto heart arteries to go around blockages.

    One could use at this point the fact that people on statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) have lower risks for heart disease. The thing with these studies is that the cardioprotective role of statins seems to be completely irrelevant with the cholesterol or LDL level in the blood serum. Specifically in the studies testing the statins the cardioprotective effect of these drugs was present equally to patients with low or high cholesterol levels.

    Maybe you don’t even know that your blood pressure is high because normally you can’t feel it. Some feel a slight headache but most people don’t feel anything. Go to a doctor or pharmacy and get your blood pressure measured.

    This sometimes takes place when the heart muscle is feeble due to illness or stress. There are numerous first coronary artery sicknesses but congestive heart failure, sometimes a secondary illness, has the least wealthy diagnosis. Myocardial infarction, harsh anemia, and renal collapse customarily follows a myocardial infarction. Different effects on the body can be seen when the heart is not able to work correctly as all sides of the heart has a different function.

    That night, I walked around and around and around the living room wondering what was wrong and CardioDefend Reviews what to do. I’d suffered digestive discomfort for years but never anything like this. It was logical to believe I’d picked up a bug in India. As I walked, I took GasX. About ten minutes later, I felt better and was able to go back to sleep. I thought that was the end of it but it was just the beginning.

    ” My brain. “Is this something new, different or related to my problem?” He wanted to schedule me for an angioplasty as soon as possible. He asked me “Were you frightened while you were taking the stress-echo?” Wryly I answered, “No, I’ve felt similar spasms hundreds of times since December.” I had no idea what he was talking about. He was the first person to mention the word ‘angina’. First to indicate that I should be very concerned, even alarmed.

    Medically speaking, I had angina pectoris. The spasms radiating to my arms finally made sense. After the fact, everyone seemed to know that angina causes pain when the heart experiences competition for its oxygen from digestion.

    This is because the body produces most cholesterol at night; therefore statins are generally more effective if taken at that time. All statins are associated with severe side effects and the same goes for Zocor as well. Liver and kidneys damages, muscle breakdown (rabdomyolysis) and subsequent pain, impaired cognitive functions (especially short term memory and concentration), constipation and insomnia are just the most common (commonly reported) ones.

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