Free Agent Profile: Defensive End Dorance Armstrong


DE Dorance Armstrong 6’4” 254 pounds, 34 ¾ Arm Length

Cover 1 Take: Productive base defensive end who can win in a multitude of ways. Possesses the DNA the Bills’ regime loves.

Signature Stats: Back to Back 9 sack seasons and a Pash Rush Productivity Score of 8.3 (33rd of 120), Run Stop Percentage ranked 28th of 120, and his Missed Tackle % in run defense was 18th best at 4%. He also has two blocked punts in his career.

Summary Report: Dorance Armstrong presents an intriguing profile with ideal measurables and versatile capabilities across multiple defensive formations. Demonstrating relentless effort and commitment, he maintains intensity until the whistle, showcasing very good closing speed and a high motor. Armstrong excels in controlling tight ends in run defense, utilizing his length effectively. His impressive hand usage and ability to string together moves challenge offensive linemen, while his lateral stride disrupts their agility. Despite an average first step, Armstrong’s determination often leads to successful outcomes, especially when winning initial contact. However, he can occasionally play out of control, particularly when bumping inside to defensive tackle positions, where he may face challenges with physicality. Overall, Armstrong’s combination of athleticism, tenacity, and strategic hand usage makes him a compelling prospect for teams seeking defensive versatility and disruption.

Signature Skill/Trait: Active hands