Free Agent Profile: Defensive End Jonathan Greenard


Jonathan Greenard, 6’3”, 263 pounds, 34.875 Arm Length

Signature Stats: amongst 118 qualifying edges – T-31st in pressures, T-32nd in PRP, T-10th in sacks. Amongst 121 edges vs the run – T-16th in stops, T-20th in stop %,

Contract Projection: Probably too much…but there’s a chance given the need, fit, and development upswing he’s on. 3-4 years, $14m-$16m AAV, $25m-$30m guaranteed. Could be less if teams question the one year of production vs the other 3 years. All a matter of how much better teams think he can become.

Cover 1 Take: Tremendous time to have a breakout season in the contract year of his rookie deal. Pairing Greenard with Groot could form a formidable 1-2 punch for years to come, especially considering Von Miller’s uncertain trajectory.

Summary #1: A dynamic edge player who impacts both the run and pass with ferocious speed and technique reminiscent of a velociraptor. His explosive get-off, refined hand usage, and relentless violence make him a legitimate starter capable of influencing all three downs. With potential for further growth. -Prohaska

Signature Skill/Trait: Aggressiveness


Summary #2: A formidable force on the field, characterized by his motor, grinder mentality, and good snap timing. With active hands and a knack for the double-handed swipe, he’s a threat both inside and outside. While not the fastest or most explosive, Greenard compensates with technique and relentless effort, utilizing power and leverage to disrupt opponents. His pass rush moves, marked by speed-to-power transitions, consistently impact the width of the quarterback’s pocket, often forcing hurried decisions. Greenard’s adaptability shines as he varies his approach from play to play, keeping blockers off balance. While lacking top-tier flexibility, he compensates with great pad level and extension, excelling in setting strong edges against the run. – Turner

Signature Skill/Trait: Pass rush plan effectiveness