Free Agent Profile: Defensive End Shaq Barrett


Signature Stats: 55+ pressures each year he’s been healthy since 2019.

Contract Projection: 1 year 5-8 million

Cover 1 Take: Sack production dropped recently but pressures, QB hits & Hurries haven’t… may be due for positive regression

Summary: Despite looking a little thicker and a tad slower as he ages, Barrett remains a savvy and impactful defender. While his thicker frame may lead to occasional struggles anchoring against the run, he compensates with keen football IQ and quick play recognition. Although he has lost some burst, Barrett’s ability to process plays swiftly and track ball carriers through multiple cuts remains intact. As a pass rusher, Barrett relies on his veteran savvy to win inside and outside edges, demonstrating effective snap timing and explosiveness off the line. His hand placement is consistently precise, working in tandem with his feet to secure leverage against offensive tackles. While lacking in lateral burst for twists and stunts, he excels at reading and exploiting opponents’ pass sets. Despite his limitations, Barrett’s skill set and experience make him a valuable asset on any defense.

Signature Skill/Trait: Pass rush Savviness