Free Agent Profile: Defensive Tackle Foley Fatukasi


Foley Fatukasi 6’4” 318 pounds, 34 1/8” arm length

Signature Stats: 20+ run stops three different times, availability – 14+ games five straight seasons

Contract Projection: 2 years, $8M, $4M AAV, $6M GTD

Cover 1 Take: Better suited in full 1T nose tackle role where his massive size, quick first step and hand usage provide greater value. May offer good discount coming off usage in JAX.

Summary: Foley Fatukasi boasts a thick, dense build well-suited for the trenches. His versatility shines through as he’s played across various techniques, including 0, 1, and 2i. A standout feature is his exceptional lateral burst, crucial for disrupting plays on run stunts and blitzes. Fatukasi demonstrates quickness off the snap, enabling him to gain the upper hand with his hands on blockers early in the play. His strong playside hand placement grants him control over linemen, and he rebounds swiftly after combination blocks, ensuring that he remains a factor in the play. While he may occasionally yield horizontal leverage on feed blocks, his violent hands quickly compensate. In run defense, Fatukasi showcases impressive instincts, tracking the ball well down the line and unfurling his hips into offensive linemen with a strong base, effectively anchoring and creating stalemates. Although he offers enough quickness to rotate into the 3 technique, his pass-rushing prowess is more limited, characterized by average closing speed and linear movement. However, as a pocket compressor, his leg drive and size effectively shrink the depth of the pocket, and he’s adept at attacking the center’s snapping hand to open the door en route to the quarterback. Despite being somewhat restricted in stunts and twists due to his limited athleticism, Fatukasi remains a stout run defender, albeit with more limited effectiveness as a pass rusher.

Signature Skill/Trait: Power