Free Agent Profile: Defensive Tackle Sebastian Joseph-Day


DT Sebastian Joseph-Day 6’4” 310 pounds, 34.5 Arm Length


Signature Stats: 48th of 129 DT in total pressures (25). Also 48th in run stops out of 142 DT (18).


Contract Projection: 2 years, $8M, $4M AAV, $4M GTD


Summary: Sebastian Joseph-Day is a defensive tackle with a tight, compact build and impressive anchoring ability. While he may lack lateral strength, he compensates with quick arm overs and clubs to defeat double teams effectively. His knack for timing block destruction and controlling offensive linemen make him a valuable asset in the trenches. Although not explosive, he displays positional flexibility and elite hand placement, often disrupting plays with his relentless pursuit. As a pass rusher, he may not have a proactive plan but makes up for it with sheer effort and determination, consistently pushing interior linemen into the quarterback’s path.


Signature Skill/Trait:  Block destruction