Free Agent Profile: Safety Kamren Curl


Signature Stats: 80+ tackles every season, has 5 sacks & 15 TFL’s in 4 years

Contract Projection: 3 years, $30M, $10M AAV, $15M Guaranteed

Cover 1 Take: Versatile safety excels in the box, in space, vs the run and the pass… but is likely out of Buffalo’s price range, but never know with this safety market

Signature Skill/Trait: Tackling from depth

Summary: A versatile safety who also was deployed as a Dime and Big Nickel player. He showcases above-average athleticism and possesses a quick processor, particularly excelling in run-to-pass recognition. Curl demonstrates strong effort in filling alleys against screens and scallops into the box and alley to execute tackles against the run, reflecting a physical mentality and controlled tackling technique. However, his lack of top-end speed and athleticism somewhat limits his ability in reactionary situations, occasionally forcing him into chase mode on crossing routes. Despite this, Curl leverages the ball effectively and maintains control over his tempo, proving to be an asset in two-high coverages with his sure tackling ability. While he may struggle with burst and acceleration, Curl’s assignment soundness and consistent presence around the ball compensate for occasional missed tackles. He is particularly effective as a zone defender, spacing zones well in conjunction with threats.