Free Agent Profile: Wide Receiver Curtis Samuel


Curtis Samuel, 5’11” 195 pounds

Signature Stat: Tied for 13th among all WRs in Avg Separation at 3.3 yards.

Contract Projection: 3 years, $27M, $9M AAV, $13.5M GTD

Cover 1 Take: Samuel’s best season came with Joe Brady as his OC in CAR. Has shown inside/outside versatility and can have schemed touches built in for jet sweeps & screens plus deep shots. Bills may need him to miss out on the WR musical chairs to have a shot.

Summary: Primarily a slot receiver, boasts a sturdy build and enduring speed which helps him withstand contact and maintain possession of the ball. While his route running may lack crispness, his explosive movements freezes defensive backs, particularly effective on option routes from backfield alignments. Samuel’s versatility and explosiveness presents matchup nightmares, especially under creative offensive coordinators who utilize him from running back alignments. Although he was sub par at breaking tackles in 2023, I think his run-after-catch ability is still an asset if utilized correctly. Samuel works effectively through the defensive line and linebacker level without allowing them to get their hands on. him. He displays QB-friendly attributes with multiple reps on film of him going to the turf to secure inaccurate passes. Samuel excels in creating plays, especially in open space to the wide side of the field with powerfully explosive movements and the ability to lean through arm tackles. However, his change of direction shows some tightness as opposed to looseness, impacting his elusiveness on the field. Samuel can be a solid role player in an offense with a creative coordinator.

Signature Skill/Trait: Explosive yet powerful movement