Free Agent Profile: Wide Receiver Noah Brown


WR Noah Brown, 6’2″, 215 pounds


Signature Stat: 27.3% Explosive target percentage was 16th overall among all wide receivers in 2023.

Contract Projection: 2 years, $8M, $4M AAV, $6M GTD

Cover 1 Take: Had flashes while Nico Collins was injured that showed starting potential

Summary: Embodies the prototype X wide receiver with his imposing size, visually fitting the role. He showcases explosive athleticism both as a route runner and with the ball in his hands, demonstrating violent acceleration and deceleration phases. While not the most nuanced route runner, Brown consistently gains leverage against defensive backs, utilizing his physicality effectively. His strength and size make him a challenging player to matchup up against at all levels of the field. Brown leverages his physical attributes to carve out release lanes, difficult to bring down post-catch allowing him to maximize opportunities by transforming routine plays into explosive gains. Finally, he excels at finding voids in zone coverages downfield thanks to his understanding of when to take the route vertical or sit. -Turner

Signature Skill/Trait: Physicality