Free Agent Profile: Safety PJ Locke


PJ Locke, 5’10”, 202 pounds


Signature Stats: Breakout season with career highs in most meaningful categories and 60% reception rate tied for 18th best for S with 20% of pass coverage snaps.

Contract Projection: 1 year, $1.75M, $0 GTD

Cover 1 Take: Hard to project with his first stretch of sustained snaps in 2023 over a 9 game stretch… but it was a promising 9 games. May be a great buy-low candidate who rotates in 2024 but a future starter with development

Summary: A Bills scheme fit who possesses thicker build for a safety position, coupled with excellent change-of-direction skills. He operates effectively near the line of scrimmage, plugging gaps in the run game and displaying adept blitzing abilities, often disguising and timing his rushes well. Locke proves himself as a pass rusher, constantly seeking impact plays. While he may have average build-up speed, his range becomes apparent once at top speed. Notably, he excels in eliminating threats from high to low, showcasing a keen sense of timing when making plays on the ball. -Turner

Signature Skill/Trait: Timing