How Wide Receivers Use Eye Manipulation to Trick Defenders



In this Cover 1 Glossary video, former Bills’ wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie discusses how receivers manipulate their eye movements to deceive defenders during routes. It details a specific play where the receiver, Isaiah, describes his technique of peeking at the quarterback to trigger the defender to anticipate a different route, ultimately creating separation for the receiver.


  • Receivers use eye manipulation to influence defenders’ movements during routes.
  • By peeking at the quarterback, receivers can trigger defenders to anticipate a different route, creating separation.
  • Defensive backs may employ techniques like “trail technique” to try to deter throws based on the receiver’s eye movements.


The purpose of the video is to demonstrate how receivers strategically use eye manipulation to gain an advantage over defenders during routes. By understanding and implementing these techniques, receivers can create separation and increase their chances of making successful receptions.


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