Why it Worked: Josh Allen’s First Career Passing Touchdown


Rookie quarterback Josh Allen got his first start against the Los Angeles Chargers in week two, and it took nearly the entire game for him to register his first passing touchdown of the season.

The Bills send out a 2×2 set and have wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin run a backline dig route. This is a route that Allen has experience throwing and it’s a very good call with the 6-foot-5 Benjamin running it.

On the snap, Allen is unable to throw it on script due to the linebacker being in the passing lane. So he holds it half a click longer and is forced to make the throw off-platform but with some heat on it into a tight window.

Arm strength is overrated in most cases, but one area it is not is in the red zone. It is an advantage in this area of the field because things are a lot faster and when a young quarterback is still learning to process defenses and to trust his receivers, this trait is of much higher value.

Allen generates the velocity and placement needed while off-platform, to register the first passing touchdown of his career.

Take a look:

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