Christian Page’s top 2020 NFL Draft prospects entering the college football season


Two games in the books and many more to come. The college football season is here which means draft chatter begins, if it hasn’t already. Keep this list handy while watching the games the first few weeks and feel free to give me your feedback on Twitter (@_ChristianPage).

1. Jerry Jeudy (WR #1)

– Alabama, Junior, 6-1, 192 –

  • Strengths: his route running ability rivals many that are already in the league, nimble feet to create immediate separation and later in the route, takes perimeter blocking seriously, reliable hands catcher with few drops.
  • Weaknesses: not small but frame has room to be filled out, some physical limitations when facing press.
  • 2018 stats: 68 receptions, 1315 yards, 14 TD, 19.3 avg.

2. Derrick Brown (DT #2)

– Auburn, Senior, 6-5, 318 –

  • Strengths: consistently resets line of scrimmage with power and quickness, high FBI consistently affecting rushing lanes in all schemes, superb lateral ability.
  • Weaknesses: pad level varies throughout the game, initial striking target can be sporadic.
  • 2018 stats: 48 tackles (10.5 for loss), 4.5 sacks.

3. Andrew Thomas (OT #1)

– Georgia, Junior, 6-5, 320 –

  • Strengths: heavy hands with aggressive punch, thick lower body to absorb all contact, overwhelming power when proper positioning is executed, smooth kick slide and acceptable lateral mobility.
  • Weaknesses: his target becomes sporadic when on the move, outside hand placement becomes a theme though has above average strength to cancel it out.
  • 2018 stats: 13 starts at LT.

4. Grant Delpit (SAF #1)

– LSU, Junior, 6-3, 201 –

  • Strengths: terrific instincts with the athleticism to quickly act upon them, versatile playmaker with high FBI, accelerator (click and close) when moving at all angles.
  • Weaknesses: tackle technique is a little shaky.
  • 2018 stats: 74 tackles (9.5 for loss), 9 PBU, 5 INT, 5 sacks.

5. Chase Young (DE #1)

– Ohio State, Junior, 6-5, 265 –

  • Strengths: attractive combination of size and speed, has the power and flexibility to affect pocket in a multitude of ways, explosive out of his stance, productive initial step to set up pass rush plan, wins with plenty of upper body moves.
  • Weaknesses: not a consistent secondary rush plan – doesn’t always looks fully engaged to try something else if initial plan is halted.
  • 2018 stats: 33 tackles (14.5 for loss), 9.5 sacks, 5 PBU.

6. AJ Epenesa (DE #2)

– Iowa, Junior, 6-6, 280 –

  • Strengths: heavy hands to control and redirect opposition, stout run defender with adequate extension to keep chest clean, upper body of a bear to throw blockers out of his path.
  • Weaknesses: not a super flexible athlete but not a liability, first-step/initial movement is only okay, not a crafty edge rusher relying mostly on power and one-to-two moves.
  • 2018 stats: 37 tackles (16.5 for loss), 10.5 sacks, 4 FF.

7. Tristan Wirfs (OT #2)

– Iowa, Junior, 6-5, 315 –

  • Strengths: smooth mover with sweet feet, thick build throughout with exceptional athleticism, impressive burst out of his stance quickly unlocking his hips and exploding to perimeter and/or second level.
  • Weaknesses: lack of patience can get him in trouble at times, occasionally overwhelmed by quick initial moves.
  • 2018 stats: 12 starts at RT.

8. Tyler Biadasz (IOL #1)

– Wisconsin, Junior, 6-3, 307 –

  • Strengths: upper body strength with ability to forklift opposition, fluid kick slide, consistently striking arms with adequate extension, consistent accurate target.
  • Weaknesses: no glaring weaknesses, some length limitations…to be picky.
  • 2018 stats: 13 starts at C.

9. Creed Humphrey (IOL #2)

– Oklahoma, Sophomore, 6-4, 312 –

  • Strengths: powerful blocker with devastating knockout blows, excellent job at repositioning his hands to obtain balance, average length but showcases impressive hand strength to supplement.
  • Weaknesses: plays on heels too often in pass protection, lateral movement is average.
  • 2018 stats: 12 starts (14 games) at C.

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10. Henry Ruggs III (WR #2)

– Alabama, Junior, 6-0, 190 –

  • Strengths: elite long speed (should not be pigeon-holed as solely a vertical threat), smooth out of breaks and loses very little momentum when having to cut, diverse route runner not showcasing a weakness at any area of the field.
  • Weaknesses: slight frame that can show up in physical contests (does not shy away from contact, though), he can be cleaner in his route running…to be picky.
  • 2018 stats: 46 receptions, 741 yards, 11 TD, 16.1 avg.

11. Kristian Fulton (CB #1)

– LSU, Senior, 6-1, 192 –

  • Strengths: attractive lower body movement skills to mirror all receivers, route recognition and awareness, textbook anticipation with back against the ball, sticky in coverage and rarely has to play catch-up.
  • Weaknesses: lack of above average ball production could be a red flag to some, missed entire 2017 because of drug policy incident, thin and wiry frame that yearns for bulk.
  • 2018 stats: 25 tackles (TFL), 9 PBU, INT.

12. Justin Herbert (QB #2)

– Oregon, Senior, 6-6, 235 –

  • Strengths: no questioning his arm strength, confident thrower with velocity control to fit into tight windows, clean upper body mechanics with appropriate arm angle to control accuracy at all levels of the field.
  • Weaknesses: guilty of tipping off defenses when locking on one receiver, lower body mechanics will fluctuate throughout the game, can be wary when pocket gets muddy, injury history is not pretty (broken femur in 2014; broken collarbone in 2017).
  • 2018 stats: 59%, 3151 yards, 29 TD, 8 INT, 2 rush TD.

13. Paulson Adebo (CB #2)

– Stanford, Junior, 6-1, 184 –

  • Strengths: consistently physical in both areas of the game, loose lower body to counter and mirror receivers, consistent open-field tackler, solid ball skills.
  • Weaknesses: some awareness lapses when ball is in the air, can be overly aggressive at times in coverage which can have him playing catch-up.
  • 2018 stats: 64 tackles (3.5 TFL), 19 PBU, 4 INT.

14. Tua Tagovailoa (QB #2)

– Alabama, Junior, 6-1, 219 –

  • Strengths: pinpoint accuracy with tremendous velocity control, comfortable maneuvering within and outside the pocket (won’t kill the play because of pressure).
  • Weaknesses: struggles when having to get off first read, can struggle to consistently read far parts of the field when safety is in zone coverage, confident arm but needs to tone it down (plays hero ball way too often), consistently banged up at the end of the season.
  • 2018 stats: 69%, 3966 yards, 43 TD, 6 INT, 5 rush TD.

15. Alton Robinson (DE #3)

– Syracuse, Senior, 6-4, 256 –

  • Strengths: first-step quickness, towering frame with long arms, short area quickness to elude blockers, flexibility to win on outside.
  • Weaknesses: still a work in progress as far as pass rush skills go, secondary disengagement skills are lacking.
  • 2018 stats: 39 tackles (17 TFL), 11 QBH, 10 sacks, 3 FF.

16. D’Andre Swift (RB #1)

– Georgia, Junior, 5-9, 215 –

  • Strengths: hard-nosed runner with low center of gravity running style, sharp angle cutter at all levels, vision in the interior and in open space, keeps feet when working through trash in the interior.
  • Weaknesses: second gear speed doesn’t scream first round player.
  • 2018 stats: 163 attempts, 1049 yards, 6.4 avg., 10 TD, 32 receptions, 297 yards, 3 TD.

17. Laviska Shenault (WR #3)

– Colorado, Junior, 6-1, 215 –

  • Strengths: “my ball” mentality, near elite ball tracking skills, excellent vision as a ball carrier.
  • Weaknesses: not a polished route runner, injury background isn’t clean, offense is more focused on quickly giving him the ball than letting him create his way to get open leaving him unrefined.
  • 2018 stats: 86 receptions, 1011 yards, 11.7 avg., 6 TD, 17 attempts, 115 yards, 5 TD.

18. Dylan Moses (LB #1)

– Alabama, Junior, 6-3, 235 –

  • Strengths: A+ acceleration, flexibility to bend and dip around traffic, above average vision versus the run.
  • Weaknesses: acceleration can become his enemy when only knowing one speed, stacking/shedding isn’t a strong point.
  • 2018 stats: 86 tackles (10 TFL), 3.5 sacks.

19. Marvin Wilson (DT #2)

– Florida State, Junior, 6-5, 323 –

  • Strengths: tremendous power at point of attack, violent attitude partnering it with rapid hand movement and an always hot motor, shows effective pass rush moves, smooth lower body movements.
  • Weaknesses: was not consistent on the field during third down despite pass rush ability, pad level will rise, needs to show more consistent at gap integrity versus the run.
  • 2018 stats: 42 tackles (4.5 TFL), 3.5 sacks, 4 QBH.

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20. Travis Etienne (RB #2)

– Clemson, Junior, 5-10, 200 –

  • Strengths: the best contact balance I have ever seen, consistent leg drive at all levels, downhill speed rivals any RB in college football.
  • Weaknesses: a work in progress in pass blocking and somewhat in the receiving game, has some heavy feet which prevents him from crisp jump cuts and change of direction especially with his hard-nosed running style.
  • 2018 stats: 204 attempts, 1658 yards, 8.1 avg., 24 TD, 12 receptions, 78 yards, 2 TD.

21. Jaylon Johnson (CB #3)

– Utah, Junior, 6-0, 190 –

  • Strengths: plans to be the most physical and aggressive player every night, smooth in transition when working both backward and forward, has the length and strength to play on the outside, ball skills are fine.
  • Weaknesses: he will get flagged a lot for pass interference, feet not always coordinated resulting in catch-up mode.
  • 2018 stats: 41 tackles (2 TFL), 4 INT, 4 PBU, sack.

22. CeeDee Lamb (WR #4)

– Oklahoma, Junior, 6-3, 190 –

  • Strengths: best hands in the class, body control at all levels of the field (release, near sideline, in the endzone, route running), skilled route runner, excellent ball tracker.
  • Weaknesses: not slow but not a burner, not a fully developed route tree.
  • 2018 stats: 65 receptions, 1158 yards, 17.8 avg., 11 TD, 17 punt returns, 218 yards, 12.8 avg.

23. Julian Okwara (DE #4)

– Notre Dame, Senior, 6-4, 235 –

  • Strengths: fluid edge rusher with twitchy athleticism, uses length to advantage with proper extension and drive, consistent motor when rushing the passer.
  • Weaknesses: doesn’t look enthused when playing the run, questionable functional strength, will use outside route too often with the offensive tackle easily walking him too far off his path.
  • 2018 stats: 38 tackles (12.5 TFL), 21 QBH, 8 sacks.

24. Yetur Gross-Matos (DE #5)

– Penn State, Junior, 6-5, 242 –

  • Strengths: superb athletic ability that showcases quickness in a phone booth, A+ motor, explosive first step, constantly works his hands and lower body (not content with being stationary).
  • Weaknesses: not a refined toolkit of pass rush moves, not weak but could use some sand in the pants, relies heavily on athleticism to pressure the pocket – needs a go-to rush move.
  • 2018 stats: 54 tackles (20 TFL), 8 sacks, 6 QBH, 2 FF.

25. Tee Higgins (WR #5)

– Clemson, Junior, 6-4, 200 –

  • Strengths: Long frame creating an elite catch radius, physical “my ball” attitude at catch point, articulated pass catcher (knows how to attack and comfortable catch the football), played his best versus the best (7 rec. – 134 yards – 2 TD in two College Football Playoff games).
  • Weaknesses: not overly fluid lower body (shows some stiffness when working middle of the field).
  • 2018 stats: 59 receptions, 936 yards, 15.8 avg., 12 TD.

26. Jonathan Taylor (RB #3)

– Wisconsin, Junior, 5-11, 215 –

  • Strengths: skilled runner knowing when to ease off the gas pedal and when to floor it, adequate vision to dominate the interior, not elite speed but not a negative trait.
  • Weaknesses: lack of receiving game experience (only 16 career receptions).
  • 2018 stats: 307 attempts, 2194 yards, 7.1 avg., 16 TD, 8 receptions, 60 yards.

27. Isaiah Simmons (SAF #2)

– Clemson, Junior, 6-3, 225 –

  • Strengths: supreme athleticism with flexible lower body and loose ankles, cornerback-like man coverage skills, plenty of range when in zone, sideline to sideline speed.
  • Weaknesses: lack of discipline (over aggressive attitude can be his biggest enemy), not a defined position, too many plays making you question his instincts, inconsistent stacking and shedding.
  • 2018 stats: 89 tackles (9.5 TFL), 6 PBU, 1.5 sacks, INT (TD).

28. Jalen Reagor (WR #6)

– TCU, Junior, 5-11, 185 –

  • Strengths: dynamic athlete showcasing easy transitions during routes, incredible start and stop ability with and without the ball, a beast after the catch.
  • Weaknesses: some drops with lack of focus and catching technique, limited route tree (victim of the system?), doesn’t shy away from oncoming traffic but physicality doesn’t detail his game.
  • 2018 stats: 72 receptions, 1061 yards, 14.7 avg., 9 TD, 13 attempts, 170 yards, 2 TD.

29. CJ Henderson (CB #4)

– Florida, Junior, 6-1, 182 –

  • Strengths: long frame with elite body control, smooth transitions to play all areas of the field, short area quickness to easily jump on routes, physical attitude.
  • Weaknesses: physical attitude but has limitations due to lack of mass, tough time disengaging from perimeter blockers, strong QB vision but occasionally gets caught and exposed.
  • 2018 stats: 38 tackles (5 TFL), 7 PBU, 3 sacks, 2 INT, 2 FF.

30. Grant Calcaterra (TE #1)

– Oklahoma, Junior, 6-3, 220 –

  • Strengths: strong and reliable hands especially in congested areas, reliable redzone target, skilled route runner with fluid breaks and releases.
  • Weaknesses: play strength (when blocking) is questionable, technique as a blocker is lacking.
  • 2018 stats: 26 receptions, 396 yards, 15.2 avg., 6 TD.


31. Jabari Zuniga (DE #6)

– Florida, Senior, 6-3, 257 –

  • Strengths: heavy hands, powerful lower body to sustain contact and control matchup, glimpses of flexibility with some bend, consistently stacks in the run game and keeps gap integrity.
  • Weaknesses: plays with a one-track mind and needs develop more recognition skills, inconsistent get off, lateral movement skills are only average, resume lacks diverse pass-rushing moves.
  • 2018 stats: 45 tackles (11 TFL), 6.5 sacks.

32. Jake Fromm (QB #3)

– Georgia, Junior, 6-2, 225 –

  • Strengths: quick decision maker with little misreads, mostly clean mechanics with symmetrical throwing base, pinpoint accuracy at intermediate levels of the field.
  • Weaknesses: average arm strength questioning deep ball and opposite hash mark throwing ability, pocket presence can be hit or miss.
  • 2018 stats: 67%, 2749 yards, 30 TD, 6 INT.

33. Tyler Johnson (WR #7)

– Minnesota, Senior, 6-2, 185 –

  • Strengths: nimble feet to create separation in space or at the line, diverse route tree, ball tracking skills, attacks ball at its peak, strong hands
  • Weaknesses: doesn’t showcase breakaway speed, some physical limitations but not glaring, some lackadaisical route running.
  • 2018 stats: 78 receptions, 1169 yards, 15 avg., 12 TD.

34. Brycen Hopkins (TE #2)

– Purdue, Senior, 6-5, 245 –

  • Strengths: fluid athlete with little change of direction hindrance, smooth in transitions, above average acceleration for his position, loose lower half, route diversity.
  • Weaknesses: slight frame calls for concern on the line, some physical limitations during route and at catch point.
  • 2018 stats: 34 receptions, 583 yards, 17.1 avg., 2 TD.

35. K’Lavon Chaisson (DE #7)

– LSU, Sophomore, 6-5, 240 –

  • Strengths: twitchy athleticism partnered with a body beautiful physique, flexibility, a true dynamic edge defender with coverage capabilities, fluid lower body keeping all plays in front of him and in reach.
  • Weaknesses: coming off ACL injury, not a technical pass rusher, doesn’t execute proper extension (limits his ability).
  • *2017 stats: 27 tackles (4.5 TFL), 2 sacks, 2 PBU.

36. Bryce Hall (CB #5)

– Virginia, Senior, 6-1, 200 –

  • Strengths: appreciated bulk to contend with physicality during route, instinctive ball skills, experienced (38 career games).
  • Weaknesses: frequent missteps in his back pedal, not overly quick when playing underneath, not a technique tackler.
  • 2018 stats: 62 tackles (3.5 TFL), 22 PBU, 2 INT, 2 sacks, 2 FF.

37. Cameron Dantzler (CB #6)

– Mississippi State, Junior, 6-2, 185 –

  • Strengths: fierce attitude throughout entire rep, technical pass disruptor, confident with back against the ball, acceleration, consistent open-field tackler, above average perimeter run defender.
  • Weaknesses: not stiff but not an overly loose lower half, can play high-hipped preventing effective change of direction, still learning the position.
  • 2018 stats: 43 tackles (2 TFL), 9 PBU, 2 INT, sack.

38. Xavier McKinney (SAF #3)

– Alabama, Junior, 6-1, 197 –

  • Strengths: flexible lower half to mirror all matchups, acceleration accentuating his range, Swiss Army Knife in the secondary, has comfortable ball skills despite just two career interceptions.
  • Weaknesses: over aggressive attitude can get him in trouble at times at tackle point, can overly rely on acceleration by taking poor angles.
  • 2018 stats: 74 tackles (6 TFL), 10 PBU, 3 sacks, 2 FF.

39. Raekwon Davis (DT #3)

– Alabama, Senior, 6-7, 308 –

  • Strengths: unmatched power when appropriate pad level is achieved, consistent winner at point of attack, proper hand distribution.
  • Weaknesses: Inconsistent finisher at tackle point, only average flexibility, play recognition needs tuning. Production dropped mightily from 2017 to 2018.
  • 2018 stats: 55 tackles (5.5 TFL), 6 QBH, 1.5 sacks.

40. Eno Benjamin (RB #4)

– Arizona State, Junior, 5-10, 205 –

  • Strengths: Eluding tacklers in space, subtle lateral quickness, contact balance, patient mentality – letting play develop, only one fumble in 323 attempts (would’ve ranked fourth in 2019 draft class).
  • Weaknesses: lacks home-run speed, inconsistent vision/decision making.
  • 2018 stats: 300 attempts, 1642 yards, 5.4 avg., 16 TD, 35 receptions, 263 yards, 2 TD.


Christian Page is a scout and writer for His scouting experience dates back to 2015. Christian has a background of radio along with collegiate athletic department experience and corporate marketing.