NFL Transactions 5/31/17

Carolina Panthers DeSean Smith cut
Carolina Panthers Wyatt Houston signed from Chiefs
Chicago Bears Franko House cut
Chicago Bears Michael Burton acquired from waiver from Lions
Detroit Lions Brandon Chubb on IR, undisclosed
Green Bay Packers Vince Biegel signed/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2020)
Jacksonville Jaguars Cam Robinson signed/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2020)
Minnesota Vikings Dalvin Cook signed/draft choice, Four-year contract (through 2020)
New Orleans Saints Khalif Barnes signed
New York Giants Jalen Williams cut
Seattle Seahawks Speedy Noil cut
Seattle Seahawks Jordan Simone signed
Seattle Seahawks Troymaine Pope cut
Seattle Seahawks Marcus Cromartie signed from Bills
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Paul Magloire Jr. cut
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Deondre Barnett cut
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sterling Bailey signed from Vikings
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tavaris Barnes signed/unrest FA from Seahawks


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