Premium Content | Dennison vs. Carolina Defense, Plan of Attack


The Denver Broncos played the Carolina Panthers last season in week one. Denver squeaked out a victory 21-20 and got that win due to their run game. So I went back and looked at what Dennison and the Broncos staff did to win on the ground.

Of course, Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott was the defensive coordinator, so new Panthers DC Steve Wilks now runs the defense in Carolina. But after looking at the Panthers film from week one, I didn’t see too many differences in defensive structure or tendencies.

As they say, there are many ways to skin a cat and if Carolina plans on staying true to their ‘Over’ defense, Dennison may attack it in the very same manner he did in 2016. So here are a few notes from my film study that are touched on in the film.

Denver used 20 personnel (2 RBs, 0 TEs, 3 WRs) to run the ball.

-I would be surprised if they utilize this personnel given Clay is better than any other TE Denver had and we can expect him to see plenty of snaps. BUT it’s more about the alignment of the personnel from that ’16 game. Denver split three wide in an attempt to lighten the box and or put the defense in nickel (No Shaq Thompson).

Denver ran to the weak side bubble

-This isn’t uncommon, in fact if you watched the Lorenzo Alexander breakdown we did, that is the most common attack vs an ‘Over’ front. But focus on who they attacked, and that is Linebacker Thomas Davis. A great sideline to sideline linebacker but he is undisciplined at times AND does not play his best ball coming downhill vs. lead runs.

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