Jerry Hughes Evaluation Is Up



Over the last few weeks I have done a few defensive player evaluations for the non-profit group Buffalo FAMbase’s blog. The blog is definitely a site that you should bookmark and follow on Twitter.

The evaluations have been primarily on the defensive side of the ball. Each evaluation covers the production output by a player, but I also examined the player using the All 22 film. But here is one play that shows why Jerry earned my utmost respect in 2016.

After a 3-3 start Jerry was one of the defensive lineman to voice his displeasure with the defensive play-calling. After a 3-3 start the media began asking the “cold front” about their production or lack thereof. Jerry answered in proper fashion:

Yeah, I’ll let the coach coach, and we’ll play, so whatever he runs, we’ll run it.”

At the end of the day his comments paired with the other teammates’ blunt responses, were felt by all Bills fans. But unlike Mario Williams, Jerry bought in and ended the season as one of the best players on the Bills. The following play sums up Jerry’s attitude:

[gfycat data_id=”SereneCoordinatedCirriped” data_controls=true]

  • On this play Hughes is aligned in a wide 9.
  • On the snap he rushes up-field.
  • As Fitzy executes play-action, Hughes diagnosis the play, then plants his right foot and cuts back inside.
  • The RB sees Hughes and attempts to help the LT out.
  • The RB gets a good piece of the DE.
  • Hughes works through the double team and pursues Fitzy to the far sideline.
  • His pressure forces the QB to get rid of the ball.
  • The speed, recognition, agility and persistence won this play for the Bills.


All of this skills were executed on this play. By seasons end Jerry led by example and he is a player that will benefit from the scheme that Rex runs. Here is the Defensive Evaluation: Jerry Hughes.

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