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The creation of Cover 1 has afforded me the opportunity to talk football and meet some great people. I don’t do this for a living or for a wage, I do it because I love football, the Bills and the City of Buffalo. So when Drew and Chris asked me to appear on their podcast the Rock pile Report to talk about the Bills, it was a no brainer. They are a couple of guys that share the same passion and love. So before you are blown away by their podcast get to know the host Drew.

The Rock pile Report started off as a way for me to help my friend start a broadcast production portfolio. Even though he’s now a CNC machinist here in Buffalo, he’s gone to broadcasting school, worked for the Atlanta Thrashers and in other sports radio and has always dreamed about doing it professionally.

I figured worst case scenario, even if I was awful at podcasting I’d get an extra night out of the house (my GF hates it when I describe it that way lol) to drink some beers, order takeout and talk sports and it would be helping my buddy out.

Now that we’ve gotten our feet wet, we’ve focused primarily on getting better at our preparation, execution and the overall quality of the show. We’re also committed to constantly trying to find new and fresh ways to communicate with Bills fans, whether it’s blogging, YouTube videos or interviews on our podcasts. We never want to get stagnant.


Cover 1’s breakdown of Drew:


Erik- What was your favorite track to listen to prior to a game?
Drew- “Don’t Tread on Me” – Metallica. That was pretty much it for me as a kid. Once I got a little older, it became pretty much anything off Metallica’s “Reload” album.

Erik- What is your favorite sports movie?
Drew- Cinderella Man


Erik- What was the most memorable Bills game that you attended?
Drew- As cliché as it is, I was at the comeback win over the Pats in 2011. That might be the loudest I’ve heard the Ralph, short of this year’s 4th and 10 play against the Colts in the home opener. I was hugging strangers, some random chick kissed me on the cheek, and the guy behind me was on the phone with his Dad, crying like a baby, telling him “We did it! We did it!” It was an amazing experience.
If you have trouble viewing, watch the video on YouTube.


Erik- What were your most memorable plays from 2015?
Drew- Offense: Sammy’s TD catch in the 3rd Quarter against Miami to crush any hope of a comeback they might have had.



Defense: Grahams’ pick-6 to bring us back against Jacksonville. Even knowing the way the game ended, that feeling I had seeing them overcome the deficit fight back to make it a ball game through all that adversity was special.


Special Teams: Rambo’s forced fumble that led to a Duke Williams TD on Thursday night against the Jets. It was a dagger, and shook their confidence for the rest of the half after they drew first blood.


Erik- Who is your broadcasting idol?
Drew- Tim Russert – One of the most influential broadcasters in the modern era, and Buffalo born and raised.

Big thanks to Drew and Chris from The Rock pile Report, listen to Episode 28 below.

Topics Covered:

  • Buddy Ryan
  • Mini camp MVPs
  • Dark Horses
  • Eric Striker’s role
  • Jonathan Williams
  • RB pecking order


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