Safety Julian Blackmon visiting Bills


According to Jordan Schultz, former Colts safety Julian Blackmon has a visit to Buffalo lined up. The Bills have shown interest in the safety for several weeks now, but needed to evaluate his medical history due to several injuries. Including a shoulder injury that landed him on IR late last season. Here is a quick scouting report on Blackmon.

5 points

  1. +System experience
  2. +Tackling tempo
  3. +Finish
  4. -Tackling technique
  5. -Injuries

Signature Trait: Finisher

Summary Report: A down safety who generally played on the fringe box in Gus Bradley’s system but has played in Two High Safety structures. Blackmon showcases good size at 6’0” 202 pounds and a knack for making tackles. While he employs a variety of tackling techniques, some appear awkward, at times simply throwing his shoulder or arm at a ball carrier.. He excels as a matchup piece against multiple tight end sets, displaying physicality and versatility in run defense. Blackmon demonstrates quick feet, enabling him to scrape laterally down the line of scrimmage and evade blockers effectively. His angles to the ball are commendable, and he exhibits excellent closing speed and pursuit. Despite this, he has a keen sense for detecting push cracks from receivers and tight ends, often making plays on the ball to defend the run. However, he tends to react rather than anticipate routes in pass coverage.  He is a vital component of secondary communication – disguising coverages and consistently putting himself in position to end plays. At times, Blackmon occasionally loses leverage on play-action run fakes, and his tackling technique can be questionable. Overall, he excels as a run-and-chase defender and is particularly effective in zone coverage because shows the discipline needed to play within the scheme and he excels at squeezing easy outlet throws.



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