Six Potential Quarterback Options for the Bills


This offseason for the Buffalo Bills has to be one of the most interesting in recent history. They are coming off of a season in which the team overachieved and miraculously made the playoffs. With the offseason in full swing and the team not totally committed to quarterback Tyrod Taylor, there appear to be several avenues by which the Bills could handle the starting QB position. However, some of these options will be off the table in the coming weeks, so let’s discuss some quality, realistic options for the Bills.

My number one option would be to trade for the Super Bowl winning quarterback Nick Foles. The asking price is allegedly a first and fourth rounder, but I believe that is just a starting point. I believe that Foles is worth one of the Bills’ first round picks. This move would still allow Buffalo to have three picks in the top two rounds. The trade would mean that Buffalo would have to make some kind of commitment to Foles monetarily, which could be taken care of by releasing Tyrod Taylor.

My number two option would be to sign Kirk Cousins. This signing would come with a hefty price tag, likely north of $100 million. The benefit of this move is the Bills would, of course, have all four picks in the top two rounds. This would allow them to build their roster for relatively cheap over the next 3-5 seasons.

My third option is to trade up for one of the top three quarterbacks which, in my eyes, are Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, and Josh Allen. All of these guys (I believe) will go in the top 10. Therefore, the potential price tag is staggering and could fetch up to two first rounders and other picks and/or players. This is a move that would mean the Bills would essentially keep the team status quo for the 2018 season, which includes keeping Tyrod Taylor.

My fourth option is to keep Tyrod Taylor and build around him. I mean, he did help end the drought. This option is probably the most cap-friendly and would allow the Bills to keep all four picks in the top two rounds.

My fifth option involves one of the top quarterbacks likely to fall, Baker Mayfield. He doesn’t have the typical measurables that front offices look for, and he has shown some immaturity that may rub teams the wrong way. These factors may cause him to fall. If that does happen, the team should draft him with one of their 1st rounders and keep Taylor around for 2018 .

The final scenario would be to stay put in the first round, but trade up into the top of round two in order to draft Mason Rudolph or Lamar Jackson. This would probably cost both of the team’s second round picks, and also may involve Buffalo keeping Tyrod Taylor for another season.

With the deadline for the Bills to pick up Tyrod Taylor’s option, free agency around the corner, and the draft in the near future, some important decisions are on the horizon. These decisions need to be made with both the short term and long term success of the team in mind.