Tyler Kroft Restructures Contract


The Buffalo Bills have restructured Tyler Kroft’s contract, per the NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.

The details are that he’s now due $4 million in 2020, of which $3.4M is fully guaranteed, and the last year of his contract was deleted. That final part may not seem impactful to some people, but there is an interesting additional element here. By waiving the final year of his contract in the restructuring, this will end his full term after 2020. This puts him as a UFA in 2021 and will not force Buffalo to release him.  Which means if he signs with a new team in 2021, this puts him in the Comp Pick formula for Buffalo in potentially off-setting free agent losses.

After two years of unfortunate injuries, this restructure makes 2020 a contract year, and a chance to show what he can do to hit the market in 2021.

For Salary Cap purposes, this appears to save just over $800K in cap space and saves $1.6M in cash, along with deleting the 3rd year of the contract. Yet another savvy move by Brandon Beane to remedy an earlier contract no longer aligned with Market Value.