Watch: Josh Allen’s Improvement in the Pocket


Ever since Josh Allen was drafted, I have studied his every move. I scrutinized every clip of training footage, practice footage, and game film I could get my hands on. Aside from his obvious improvement with his General Accuracy and Ball Placement, I think an area that he has improved dramatically but rarely gets talked about is his ability to work the pocket. Prior to diving into some of his film, I went back to my Scouting Report and Notes in regards to his Pocket movement and or Pocket Presence. Two notes stood out:

  • Can lose control of footwork at times; which can cause accuracy issues when he needs to pull the trigger quickly.

  • Over-shifts weight or is off balance at the top of his drops, so he has to gather his balance prior to throws, and it doesn’t always happen smoothly, which leads to inaccuracy.

Allen is much more smooth and efficient when he wants to slide left, right or hitch up in the pocket to find a platform to throw from. Or better yet, climb and escape the pocket and rip the heart out of the defense with an explosive scramble or a big-time throw down the field while on the run. The star quarterback is by no means perfect with his Manipulation of the Pocket, but he is light years ahead of where he was coming out of college. More times than not, he has his cleats in the ground, weight properly distributed, and in a good throwing posture. And when he doesn’t, he is so much more in-tune with his stroke – he’s confident in his ability to make off-platform throws.

With the help of Trainer Jordan Palmer, Former Assistant Coach Shea Tierney and QB Coach now Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey, Allen has shown that he can not only maximize his big arm from outside of the pocket but from inside as well. So let us take a look at some of Allen’s practice footage over the years and watch it translate on Sundays. Enjoy.