What is an X Wide Receiver?



  • The X wide receiver, often referred to as the split end, is positioned on the line of scrimmage.
  • Typically, the X receiver is the alpha wide receiver, receiving a significant number of targets per game.
  • They are crucial in facing press coverage due to their position on the line of scrimmage.
  • The X receiver needs a well-rounded skill set, including running various routes and having a strong release package.
  • Defensive coordinators and defensive backs focus on disrupting the X receiver’s game.
  • Depending on the formation and system, the X receiver may need to block, although they are often positioned on the outside in spread systems.
  • The term “split end” originates from being split off the line of scrimmage.


Purpose: To explain the role and characteristics of the X wide receiver, emphasizing their importance in the game, their skill requirements, and their vulnerability to defensive strategies.


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