2020 NFL Draft | Three trade scenarios in the first round


We’re under three weeks away from the 2020 NFL Draft. With that being said, that means that there will be plenty of madness that occurs on the first night of the best sporting event in the world. There will be trades and players dreams coming true. Certainly, teams will spend too much in future assets to move up a few spots but that’s the nature of the business.

Since the 2015 NFL Draft, we’ve seen 28 trades happen on the night of the first round. That’s good for 5.6 trades per year in the first round. That doesn’t include trades before the draft. For example, the Vikings have two first round picks due to a recent trade with that Buffalo Bills that included wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

Now that I’ve gathered that information, I’ve been running myself crazy the last few days with trade scenarios for the 2020 NFL Draft. There’s millions of trade scenarios that could happen and obviously, not every idea of mine will come to fruition. However, let’s take a look at three trade scenarios that I think could happen on the first night of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Los Angeles Chargers trade with the Detroit Lions 

I’ll be the first one to say that the Detroit Lions and the Miami Dolphins have been two trade partners I’ve been pounding the table for since December. Two former Patriot coaches talking with their general managers to strike a deal. The Dolphins have the draft capital to pull the trigger on just about any trade outside of the first overall pick.

But let’s not count the Los Angeles Chargers out of the mix for the third overall pick. They have the sixth pick, 37th pick and 71st pick to play with and it wouldn’t surprise me if they pieced the sixth pick and 37th pick with a Day 2 pick for the 2021 NFL Draft to move up three spots. It’s not a crazy haul for the Lions but it’s more draft capital to work with and it allows them to still be in position for one of the three best defensive players not named Chase Young. More than likely, that sixth overall pick would be for Ohio State defensive back Jeffrey Okudah.

The Chargers would move up these three spots to grab Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. They haven’t signed Cam Newton and that could still be in the works. However, judging by their quarterback room right now, it’s Tyrod Taylor and Easton Stick. Tagovailoa gives them a dynamic option at the position with his ability to run and throw the football. Health is the key concern but he’s well worth the risk for a team searching for a new identity at quarterback.

According to the NFL Draft trade chart from Jimmy Johnson, the third pick of the draft is worth 2,200 points. The sixth pick is worth 1,600 points. Add in the 37th overall pick from the Chargers and that’s an additional 530 points. Throw in a third round pick from the 2021 NFL Draft and that would equal more than 2,200 total points to make the trade even.

Chargers receive: 2020 First Round Pick (3rd overall)
Lions receive: 2020 First Round Pick (6th overall), 2020 Second Round Pick (37th overall) and 2021 Third Round Pick


Denver Broncos trade with the Cleveland Browns 

It’s been evident from John Elway that he’s determined to surround Broncos quarterback Drew Lock with weapons to succeed. Can you really blame him? He’s swung and missed on plenty of quarterbacks over the years. Despite being a second round pick, Lock has shown plenty of promise. Putting weapons around him to succeed is important.

With that being said, the Broncos should consider moving up in the 2020 NFL Draft to claim one of the three tier one receivers in this class. If you don’t know, those receivers are Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs and CeeDee Lamb. I’ve often said on the Cover 1 Draft Podcast that Ruggs will be the first receiver off the board. Speed kills and it shouldn’t surprise you that the Broncos move up to get him.

For the Cleveland Browns, they need an offensive tackle and by moving outside of the top 10, they put themselves at risk of being able to select one. However, there’s plenty of buzz about Andrew Thomas from Georgia sliding down boards because of the climb from other offensive tackles such as Tristan Wirfs and Mekhi Becton. Naturally, Thomas is a perfect fit for the Browns. Whether they stay with the 10th overall pick or move down a few spots, Thomas should still very much be an option for the offensive tackle needy team.

According to the NFL Draft trade chart created by Johnson, the 10th pick of the draft is worth 1,300 points. The 15th pick is worth 1,050 points. Altogether, the Broncos have 10 picks in the 2020 NFL Draft so they should have no issues piecing something together to make this work. From the scenario I’ve predicted, the Broncos would give up three picks for a total of 1,313 points.

Broncos receive: 2020 First Round Pick (10th overall)
Browns receive: 2020 First Round Pick (15th overall), 2020 Third Round Pick (77th overall), 2020 Fourth Round Pick (118th overall)


San Francisco 49ers trade with the New York Giants

It’s well documented that New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman has never traded back. However, he’s had no issues trading players for draft capital or moving back into a round to get a player. Last year, he did that to get Deandre Baker with the 30th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft. This year, a similar scenario could happen.

The Giants have needed a linebacker for years and despite the addition of Blake Martinez, it’ll be hard to pass on such an elite talent as Isaiah Simmons. With that being said, they could consider moving back into the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft to snag one of the second tier offensive tackles. For the San Francisco 49ers, they need some more draft capital. By having two first round picks, they could add some more talent to their already talented roster. However, the draft is won on the second day of the draft and it would make sense to grab some more picks for that day as they don’t have any.

The 49ers could trade the 31st pick of the 2020 NFL Draft to the New York Giants for some day two draft capital. The Giants would move up five spots to grab an offensive tackle such as Ezra Cleveland from Boise State. He blew the doors off the NFL Scouting Combine with a short-shuttle time of 4.46 seconds and a 3-cone drill of 7.23 seconds. Both times are good enough to put him in the top five of the offensive line group over the last three years. Aside from being a good athlete, he shows solid technique and good patience with his punches on film. He’d make sense for the Giants in round one.

Considering the position both teams are in, it would be worth it for a trade like that to happen. The 49ers would gain an additional pick for the 2020 NFL Draft. They’d move back a few spots but still put themselves in position to grab a cornerback such as A.J. Terrell out of Clemson or defensive tackle such as Ross Blacklock out of TCU. For the Giants, they would give themselves a potential upgrade over Nate Solder at left tackle.

According to the NFL Draft trade chart created by Johnson, the 31st pick is worth 600 points and the 36th pick is worth 540 points. You can throw in the fourth round pick of the 2020 NFL Draft and the Giants are overpaying by 44 points.

Giants receive: 2020 First Round Pick (31st overall) 
49ers receive: 2020 Second Round Pick (36th overall) and 2020 Fourth Round Pick (110th overall)
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