5 unbelievable stats through 17 weeks of the Bills’ 2022 season


The most important stat I look forward to bringing you, Bills Mafia, is the date and time that Damar Hamlin leaves Cincinnati, returns to Buffalo, and ultimately takes the field again. At this moment, those are the ones we all want the most. Until then, I hope to respect Damar Hamlin while shining some light on the Bills’ stats in this article.

As the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, and the rest of the league wait for a decision on the postponed Monday Night Football matchup, the Bills remain riding a six-game winning streak, one that has them owning a 12-3 record and still squarely in the race for the top seed in the AFC. They have already claimed the AFC East for a third-straight year and can’t finish anything worse than the three seed in their conference. It appears their on-field focus now shifts to a Week 18 matchup with the New England Patriots. Before we turn that page, here are a handful of “would you believe me if I said…” stats from your Buffalo Bills through 17 weeks of the 2022 season.

Would You Believe Me If I Said… Damar Hamlin saved Christmas?

This rendition of the Bills is known for how many amazing, giving men they have on it. From Josh Allen to Von Miller to Dion Dawkins, the roster is plentiful with guys who give back not just with their unlimited pocketbooks, but with their very limited time. One of those guys we weren’t as aware of before Monday night is Damar Hamlin. If you haven’t seen, Hamlin is hosting a toy drive through a GoFundMe page he started while at the University of Pittsburgh. Hamlin wanted to give back to a community he grew up in and knew needed all the help it could get, even a modest fundraiser with an original goal of $2,500. That number has been punted, passed, and kicked out of the water and blew past $7,000,000 thanks to the love and support of not only Bills fans, and football fans, but the entire NFL community. If you’d like to give back financially, here is the link to Hamlin’s The Chasing M’s Foundation Community Toy Drive. 

Would You Believe Me If I Said… the number one seed wasn’t important last year?

The main reason many are pushing for the Bills vs. Bengals to be resumed is because of what is on the line for both teams. When it comes to the Bills, the number one overall seed in the AFC is very much within reach. Heading into Week 16 they were the top seed in the conference and would stay there with a win over Cincinnati. Yes, a bye would be huge, especially for a team that has been as banged up as the Bills, but that top spot and a bye weren’t as important as we perceive it to have been just a season ago. First, the two teams in the Super Bowl, the Bengals, and the Rams were both the fourth seed in their respective conferences in 2021. Second, neither of the top two seeds (Titans and Packers) even made it to their conference championship a year ago. Third, Tennessee and Green Bay finished with a combined 0-2 record in the most recent postseason. The Titans lost at home to the Bengals, and the Packers lost at home to the 49ers. Yes, it would be awesome to see The Ralph going bonkers when the Bills hosted either Cincinnati or Kansas City in the AFC Championship Game, but it doesn’t have to be a death kneel to not have home-field advantage throughout.

Would You Believe Me If I Said… Josh Allen is Iron Man?

When Josh Allen took the field Monday Night he started his 71st consecutive start for the Buffalo Bills. That became the longest active streak for QB starts with one team as the Raiders’ Derek Carr, who was first at 91, lost the top spot with his benching in Las Vegas (credit to NFL on CBS). The record for most consecutive starts ever is 321 by Brett Favre for the Packers, Jets, and Vikings. Josh Allen has a few years to go before he tracks down Favre. The most consecutive starts by a Bills QB is 110 by Joe Ferguson. Allen is just over two seasons away from taking that crown away and adding another notch to his Buffalo QB belt.

Would You Believe Me If I Said… the Bills’ run game remains elite?

I’ve been beating this drum for a few weeks, but regardless of what is said by many pundits, the Bills have a top-level run game. The 5.3 yards per attempt is second-best in the league, behind only Chicago. The Bills’ 142.8 yards per game is currently seventh in the league. So, Buffalo is doing well in the counting stats, but what about advanced numbers? According to Pro Football Focus (PFF), the Bills have the second-best run grade at 91.4, only behind the Browns at 91.7.

Would You Believe Me If I Said… the Bills should start on third down?

The Bills lead the NFL in third down conversion rate at 49.7%, with the Chiefs being the closest to them at 48.4%. Buffalo has converted 90 of 181 third-down attempts. I know what you’re thinking, “Greg, if we started on third down, it would be 3rd and 10.” I have an answer! Just let Josh Allen scramble on every play! When Josh Allen scrambles on 3rd and 10 or longer, he has converted 80% of those attempts into first downs.