Baker Mayfield Set to Visit One Bills Drive


*Play the video above, you will love it*

Bills Twitter is buzzing today with the news that former Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield is going to be coming to One Bills Drive on one of the team’s 30 allowed pre-draft visits. This marks the 4th meeting between the Bills and Mayfield.



Mayfield has been one of the most talked about and polarizing quarterbacks in this class. He had a dominant career at Oklahoma, but also had a number of “red flag” issues, both on the field and off. Reports out of the NFL Combine last month said some teams were turned off by his cocky attitude, while other teams liked his confidence.


These things have to lead to much debate about where Mayfield stands in this class.


One thing that is tough to debate is his great college career. The two-time walk-on (at Texas Tech and Oklahoma) had the best overall career out of this year’s quarterback prospects.


He posted eye-popping numbers, a Heisman Trophy, and a trip to the National Championship game.


The Bills’ interest in Mayfield isn’t surprising, as they are looking to land their franchise QB in this draft. By all accounts, they have met with every top QB prospect in this draft class. One of the reasons they are already up to four visits with Mayfield is his attendance at the Senior Bowl. There is likely real interest in Mayfield; the additional meetings with him may also be due diligence by the Bills’ front office to feel out if he’s worth the possible investment of trading up to get him and crown him as the future of the franchise. Expect them to kick the tires on all of the QB prospects slated to fall in the top 10 this year.