Bills Top 30 Visits: WR Xavier Worthy


As the NFL Draft approaches, the Buffalo Bills have conducted their due diligence by hosting a series of top 30 visits with prospective draftees. These visits represent the most in-depth meetings between the players and the team, providing a prime opportunity for both parties to assess fit and potential. Among the pool of talented prospects are individuals showcasing a diverse array of skills and talents, each bringing unique strengths and capabilities to the table. Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout prospects who have recently met with the Bills as they prepare to make crucial selections in the upcoming draft.


Measurables: 5’11 1/4″, 165 pounds, 4.21 40-yard Dash


Career Statistics:


Film Grade: 2nd rounder


Signature Skill/Trait: Speed


Summary Report:

Xavier Worthy, a rising star at just 20 years old, is already making waves with his elite speed, allowing him to effortlessly eat up any cushion given by defenders. However, his slight build and lack of dense muscle suggest a need to bulk up for the physical demands of the NFL. Despite this, his ability to cover a tremendous amount of ground with his effortless striding cannot be overlooked.

While Worthy’s contributions in the run game are limited due to his size and ineffective hand usage, his value lies in his prowess as a dynamic receiver. Texas utilized him extensively in motion to maximize his top-end speed without disruption, often drawing defensive attention and creating opportunities for his teammates.

What truly sets Worthy apart is his exceptional ball tracking down the field, coupled with his smooth gait and impeccable focus. This allows him to consistently make big plays, showcasing tremendous run-after-catch ability and body control even at full speed. However, occasional drops, especially in traffic, and a tendency to show frustration when open but not targeted are areas for improvement.

Defenses must respect Worthy’s speed, often dedicating help over the top, which in turn opens up opportunities for stop and comeback routes. Despite his quickness, he does struggle with press coverage during the drive phase and has reservations about running routes over the middle.

Ball security is another area of concern, as evidenced by his four fumbles, and his liability in carrying the football raises questions about his versatility in certain offensive schemes. Nonetheless, Worthy’s potential to outrun most defenders and stretch the field makes him an enticing prospect for NFL teams willing to refine his skill set and maximize his explosive playmaking ability.

Film Room: