Breaking News: Cover 1 Has Partnered Up with The Draft Database


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Here at Cover 1 we are always trying to improve our product and expand our knowledge. One area that we are expanding upon is our NFL Draft coverage, and in order to do that we want to surround ourselves with people and tools that can fully assist in bringing you the best coverage possible.

For that reason, Cover 1 and The Draft Database have partnered up to bring you cutting edge tools and information regarding the Buffalo Bills. We’re bringing you information such as drafting tendencies and archetypes, scouting reports, grades, draft research, player interviews, underclassman spotlights, insider info and much more.

In fact, for the last couple of months, The Draft Database has been compiling Bills draft data like measurable thresholds/tendencies of the Bills front office.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of threshold data is to get an idea of what teams care about in pre-draft athletic testing. If you find a really narrow trait that they keep drafting over and over again with a position, then you’ve likely found a good indicator of what they’ll look for in the upcoming draft.

How do you pick the range of data?

By using staff charts. Find out when the most important decision-makers currently in the room began having a prominent voice.

So, if Team X has had their GM in place since 2009, their head coach in place since 2011, and their personnel director in place since 2012, you’d mine the data from 2012-present, since that’s the time period that the current regime all came together.

If a team has an all new staff, or relatively new staff, then it’s a bit more of junk science. Instead of harvesting old data from an old regime, we take the most important decision-makers in the war room and look at how their previous teams drafted.

Take Buffalo as an example: GM Brandon Beane, head coach Sean McDermott, and the rest of the scouting department are rather new. The data we harvested was from Buffalo’s 2017 draft, as well as what the Dolphins did from 2015-2017 when Joe Schoen was director of player personnel, what the Chiefs did from 2014-2017 when Marvin Allen was director of college scouting, and what the Panthers did from 2015-2016 when Beane was assistant GM.

How do you come up with the prototype?

Exactly how you would think: we take the testing data from each position and average it out. The average is then the prototype. The minimum threshold is the absolute lowest the team has ever picked, and the apex is the absolute highest the team has ever picked.

More data will be released via the Scouting Combine and Pro Days. These data will help narrow down possible candidates for the Bills. Then just visit our Draft Tracker and read our reports on said prospects.

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