Breaking News: Rob Quinn Joins Cover 1


Cover 1 is excited to announce the addition of Rob Quinn to the team. Rob brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Cover 1. He helped launch BillsWire, a USA Today SMG site, and held the title of Managing Editor for over two years. On top of creating content, he was responsible for assigning, editing and publishing approximately 50 articles per week – articles that covered breaking news, commentary, the NFL Draft and any topic relating to the Buffalo Bills.

Rob’s attention to detail and interest in creating content that is long-lasting line up perfectly with what we do at Cover 1, and we are excited to bring him on board. Everyone welcome Rob to Cover 1!!!

From Rob:

Since 2009 I’ve written literally thousands of articles about the Buffalo Bills from my start as a young 17-year old Bleacher Reporter to Queen City Sports to Buffalo Wins,, BuildingTheHerd, and most recently This journey has been nothing short of amazing. Without a journalism background, I studied successful blogs and wrote, wrote, wrote, and wrote some more. And you guys kept reading and supported me along the way. That’s why the day I came across an incredibly detailed, intelligent post by an account named , I tried to share as much of his work as possible. Erik Turner needs no introduction, and I’ve always admired his passion, not only for the game, but also for teaching fans to better understand various concepts, as well. I’ve gotten to know and respect him over the last two years of discussing and debating all things Bills. Then there’s Aaron Quinn – one of the nicest dudes you’ll encounter, and after all, Quinns are just great people. Nate Geary is another great talent that Erik was able to scoop up, and while I don’t always agree with him on things, he busts his ass. His takes are well thought out, rational, and backed by facts and not cliché, and I respect the heck out of him. As the site grew, I became a huge fan, which is why I’m excited to announce that I’ll be joining the team at Cover 1. Cover 1 is what football coverage should be; no hawt taeks, just quality analysis without the clickbait. I’ve always been someone who loves diving into the deep end, breaking down the “how” and “why” behind the moves made by the team, and I feel Cover 1 is the ideal spot for that. I can’t express how pumped I am to see how far we can take this thing, and I know that the people already in place will push me to bring out the best in myself as a writer, and I couldn’t have found a more talented team to work with. This is a new chapter and Cover 1 is the perfect spot for me. We will bring nothing less than the best, and I’ve got to push myself to get better each day, thanks to the team surrounding me. I trust Erik’s process and look forward to helping Cover 1 become the only site Buffalo Bills fans need for team coverage. Let’s get to work.

Follow Rob on Twitter @RobQuinn619