Breaking: Tyrod Taylor Is Looking into Property in Orchard Park


According to a source close to Tyrod Taylor, the Buffalo Bills’ current starting QB is looking for property around the Orchard Park area.

As the March 11th deadline looms, Tyrod has taken it upon himself to think about what’s best for himself and his family.

The Cover 1 team was told that he could have been meeting with Certified Financial Planner Terrence A. McKelvey to help advise him on money issues related to long term investments and property values. Cover 1 has reached out to Mr. McKelvey for comment, but has received no response as of the time of publishing.


The person who spoke to us, on the condition of anonymity, went on to elaborate that Tyrod has been working with different people in regards to finding a new property in the Orchard Park area.

Before publishing this report, Cover 1 made sure to find as many potential leads as possible on this story.

As such, we were also able to speak with someone with close ties to the very reputable food establishment across the street from Tyrod Taylor’s residence. Taylor was seen moving out of his luxury condo in downtown Buffalo on Main/Chippewa area, lending credence to the notion that he is seeking new property. This building is said to be the same building in which mega car salesman Billy Fuccillo also has a (presumably huge) condo.

Taylor’s property pursuits could indicate that he’s planning on staying in Buffalo (and hence, with the Bills), but it could also mean that he is merely preparing to stay in Buffalo if the Bills decide to pick up his option. At this time, Cover 1 can not confirm  whether Taylor’s property search indicates any intention of the Buffalo Bills organization regarding Taylor’s future with the team. As the NFL Combine is wrapping up, the Bills are sure to be discussing many options at the quarterback position, including potential trading partners for Taylor. As of now, though, it seems on the surface as if Tyrod is preparing for the Bills to pick up his option.

Stay tuned as we try to dig deeper into this fluid situation.