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Join hosts Aaron Quinn and Greg Tompsett for an exciting new episode of the Cover 1 Buffalo podcast, where we pivot to the highly anticipated topic of the 2024 NFL Draft! In this special episode, Aaron and Greg welcome special guests Jon Helmkamp and Daniel Harms from Cover 1 Draft Weekly, the newest addition to the Cover 1 College Football network.

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Get ready as Jon and Daniel provide expert analysis on the position groups in this year’s draft class, highlighting those with the most high-end value, depth, and scarcity. Gain valuable insights into the draft landscape and how it aligns with the Buffalo Bills’ strategic needs and objectives.

But that’s not all! Aaron, Greg, Jon, and Daniel will conduct a full 7-round mock draft for the Buffalo Bills, meticulously selecting prospects to fill positions of need and bolster depth across the roster. Follow along as they navigate the draft board, making strategic decisions to position the Bills for success in the upcoming season and beyond.

Don’t miss out on this comprehensive episode filled with engaging discussions, strategic insights, and expert analysis from a panel of seasoned draft experts. Whether you’re a die-hard Bills fan or an NFL draft enthusiast, this episode offers valuable perspectives on the team’s draft strategy and potential impact on the roster.

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12:35 Position groups with most depth in the 2024 NFL Draft
20:03 Bills fill roster holes in free agency ahead of the NFL Draft
23:06 Buffalo Bills mock draft 2024: First round
32:32 Buffalo Bills mock draft 2024: Second round
43:22 Buffalo Bills mock draft 2024: Third round
48:36 Buffalo Bills mock draft 2024: Fourth round
54:55 Buffalo Bills mock draft 2024: Fifth round
1:03:51 Buffalo Bills mock draft 2024: Sixth round
1:08:01 Buffalo Bills mock draft 2024: Seventh round
1:21:23 Cover 1 OnePass