Bills Preseason Film Room: Red Zone 3rd Down vs Broncos

Early in the second quarter of their second preseason game, the Buffalo Bills had a third-and-four from the Denver Broncos’ 11-yard-line. The Denver defense appears confused in several places on the play but generates enough of a pass rush that hurries Case Keenum before he can see a walk-in TD, but he still manages to find Crowder despite some poorly timed routes and sets up the eventual touchdown. The OL in front of Keenum was: LT – 68 Hart LG – 74 Ford C – 62 Mancz RG – 64 Van Roten RT – 79 Brown The Bills are in 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WR) with James Cook at RB and OJ Howard detached from the line at TE. All five skill positions run a route. Route Types: McKenzie: pre-snap motions to an In Howard: Curl Cook: Wheel Crowder: a crossing In from the right, creating a mesh with McKenzie Davis: Corner The Broncos are in nickel with four linemen, two linebackers, and five DBs. Strnad and Singleton are the LBs, and Ojemudia, Bassey, and Mathis are in at CB. McKenzie turns upfield too early and could have been called for illegal motion, but the refs don’t … Continue reading Bills Preseason Film Room: Red Zone 3rd Down vs Broncos