Buffalo Bills Red Zone Success | Pistol Formation


The Buffalo Bills coaching staff did a phenomenal job of building the running game around Tyrod Taylor in 2016. Especially in the red zone. Once the Bills entered the red zone, they almost always went into the Pistol Formation.   

The formation makes the defense account for every offensive threat which included Tyrod. Much like old school option offenses of years past, if a defender was undiscipline the offense could easily gain chunk yards.  

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Having Tyrod in the Pistol also allowed Lynn to run a blocking concept he was familiar with. As a former running back of the Denver Broncos, in the Shanahan/Gibbs system, Lynn is well versed in zone blocking. The Pistol allowed Lynn to mesh zone run concepts with ‘option’ tags.

Tags such as speed, load, triple and even veer read/option looks became a staple in the red zone for the Bills and were nearly impossible to stop. The tags stressed defensive players’ responsibilities and eye discipline, as there was often deceit built into the play. Take a look at some of those plays.https://youtu.be/xwh5pFqmjlo

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