LeSean McCoy among Buffalo Bills’ Top 3 ‘X-Factors’ on offense


The Buffalo Bills are one month away from the start of Training Camp at St. John Fisher College. On paper, Buffalo has one of the most unexciting, lackluster offenses in the NFL. The unit lacks true stars and proven talent outside of LeSean McCoy. Some young players have potential to make a leap in the 2018 NFL season but the onus is on new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll to improve the Bills’ offense that ranked No. 30 last year.

With that said, here’s a look at three Buffalo Bills who are ‘x-factors’ to the Bills’ offensive success in 2018. Remember, this isn’t a list of the best players on Buffalo’s offense, but which players will be most important.

No. 3: RB LeSean McCoy

Lesean Mccoy 12k chase

Running back LeSean McCoy is the Buffalo Bills’ best player and is emerging as the heart and soul of the team’s offense. So why is he just No. 3 on the list? Because, simply, he’s Shady. Always delivering on a week-to-week basis since he arrived in Buffalo, we can count on the soon-to-be 30-year old to continue his success through 2018.

The Bills will be relying on McCoy to be the team’s bell cow once again in order to establish the running game as the foundation of the offense once again.



No. 2: QB Josh Allen

There’s no way that Bills’ rookie quarterback Josh Allen wouldn’t make this least. The No. 7 overall pick in the NFL Draft, he’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders as the 6-foot-5, 232-pound passer is expected to develop into the first franchise quarterback Buffalo’s fielded since Jim Kelly.

He probably won’t have elite production this season, but if he can show that he’s cleaned up some of his footwork issues, minimize mistakes and flash his unique physical traits, he should help the Bills take a step forward.

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Now, we’re not certain when – or even, if – Allen will see the field during his rookie year. AJ McCarron and Nathan Peterman will start training camp splitting first-team reps while Allen works with the third-team offense.

But, Allen’s time will eventually come, and when it does, he’ll be the one of the biggest ‘X-Factors’ of the Buffalo Bills’ offense.

No. 1: WR Kelvin Benjamin

Wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin is the Buffalo Bills’ No. 1 ‘X-Factor” on offense for a variety of reasons. The 6-foot-5 receiver is the most talented weapon in the Bills’ passing game, with Charles Clay a close No. 2.

Regardless of which quarterback is under center, you can bet that Benjamin sees the lion share of targets, given his incredible combination of size, physicality, jump ball ability and sure hands that few wide receivers in the league can rival. No other pass-catcher on Buffalo’s roster offers the reliability that the former Florida State Seminole star does at this point.

Entering a contract year and looking to cash in when he hits NFL Free Agency, Benjamin will surely be in fantastic shape. He suffered a meniscus injury shortly after the Bills traded for him but now healthy, Benjamin looks poised to take advantage of his opportunity as the undisputed No. 1 receiving target.

If he’s up to the task, expect the Bills’ offense being way better than most expect. Having a reliable weapon in the passing game will help McCoy, the quarterback and other receivers on the field as well.. That’s why Kelvin Benjamin is the top X-Factor for the Buffalo Bills offense in 2018.