Coaching Profile | Kris Richard



  • Played in/for the Pete Carroll defensive system as a cornerback while at USC. 4-3 defensive with an emphasis on single high looks. Specifically Cover 3 defense and pattern matching. Fast, aggressive zone defense typically with corners in press technique. The defensive philosophy and techniques emphasize shutting down run on early downs.
  • Knows the scheme inside and out. Specifically the secondary which is so important in Carroll’s scheme.

  • Played in the NFL four years, respected and relates well to players.
  • Infectious energy.
  • Worked hand in hand with the young defensive back talent. Helped groom them. Richard and the Seahawks know how to develop defensive backs. If you look at their starting corner Deshawn Shead, Shead signed as an undrafted free agent in 2012, paid his dues and started 7 games in 2015. This season he is the starter opposite Sherman.

  • Shead can cover too, he has only allowed one TD all season.

  • Comes from stable organization top to bottom.
  • He is a teacher and manages players well.

“It’s his attention to detail,” he recently said, when asked what makes Richard a great coach. “And he does a great job managing, I guess, our personalities. We have a few different personalities, obviously, in that DB room and we have over the years. Kris does a great job understanding who everyone is and not coaching everyone the same, understanding how people react to different things differently. But his attention to detail and the preparation of game planning is meticulous.  He goes over basically every scenario you can be put in in a game and he prepares us for that. You’re rarely ever surprised going into a ballgame by a formation or a play that they’re going to run.” Richard Sherman



  • Young (37 years old) and inexperienced as a Head Coach. Only called defense for two years.
  • Comes from a system that has developed, mediocre Head Coaches.
  • The talent on the Seahawks defense is really good.
  • Who will be a part of his staff?


Do you think he is ready to make the jump to Head Coach?