Cover 1 Film Room: Evaluation of Tyrod Taylor Featuring Nate Geary


Eight weeks of the NFL season have passed, and the Bills sit at .500 with a 4-4 record. On Monday, they will take on Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks before heading into their week 10 bye. With half of the season in the books, I wanted to evaluate Tyrod Taylor and his play up to the halfway point.

Tyrod’s numbers are reminiscent of his numbers in the final eight games of last season. The following charts are courtesy of Pro Football Focus.


Statistics are only one component of a player’s evaluation, but those numbers show that he has had a very similar season to his 2015 campaign thus far.

To help me evaluate Tyrod Taylor’s season, I brought on Nate Geary from WGR550. He has studied Tyrod Taylor’s tape extensively over the years and has played the QB position. What is great about Nate’s quarterbacking experience is that it gives him knowledge of the fundamentals of the position. That understanding allows him to break down film and communicate it to the casual fan in layman’s terms.

Nate and I share the opinion that Tyrod is a phenomenal athlete, but that he struggles to execute basic fundamentals. Fundamentals are the foundation for any player’s success, and at times Tyrod Taylor has struggled to execute them. In my opinion, he relies on his supreme athletic abilities rather than working through a normal quarterback “checklist” from play to play with any sort of consistency.

As a passer, fans do not like when Tyrod is compared to elite quarterbacks. I understand that point of view because numbers don’t paint the whole picture. However, when it comes to the quarterback position, fundamentals are typically what set apart consistent passers from players that struggle. So it isn’t unfair to compare Taylor’s fundamentals to those in the “elite” category.

Can Tyrod improve his fundamentals? Absolutely. The question that remains is whether he will be given that time here in Buffalo.

Jump into the film room with Nate and me, where we examine Tyrod’s 2016 season. We analyze what he brings to the table, what he has done well, and things he needs to work on to get to the next tier of his lucrative contract.


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