Cover 1 Film Room: Tyrod Taylor at the LOS


Tyrod Taylor has struggled to pass this year, but not many people give him credit on the plays that he does make. I am not talking about just throwing the ball or using his legs to make plays. I am talking about the many things that a QB must evaluate prior to a play. Under Anthony Lynn, Taylor has had more freedom. Freedom to change the plays primary wide receiver based on a mismatch, but also the ability to change the pass protection. Although the Rams don’t send six pass rushers, Taylor changes the protection just in case they do. The Rams only rush four but Taylor knows the coverage and he makes the correct decision to throw to Clay.

On the following play, Taylor recognizes the Rams defense from his film study, adjusts the protection and hits Clay to put the Bills in a manageable third down situation. Step into the film room to examine the play.


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