Cover 1 | The Podcast: Episode #1



Here at Cover 1, we want to try new things and bring you Bills content across several platforms. So, from time to time we will release content in podcast form. On the pilot episode, I have long time friend Jon Vinson on to discuss the Bills win and much more. Still working out the kinks but it’s a start!

Here are the topics covered in today’s episode:

  • Bills four-game win streak
  • The Bills rushing attack led by LeSean Mccoy
  • Prevalence of the edge rushing game
  • Anthony Lynn’s creativity on offense
  • Jerome Felton’s resurgence
  • Tyrod Taylor’s role in the running game
  • What Taylor brings to offense
  • Taylor’s middle of the field throws
  • Will the run first, play defense formula work?
  • Where the defense stands
  • Stephon Gilmore’s struggles
  • Preview of the Bills vs. Dolphins and much more


Episodes will be on Itunes and other platforms soon enough