Don’t Sweat the Technique | Tre’Davious White


The Buffalo Bills traded back and took cornerback Tre’Davious White at the end of the first round believing that his skills would immediately boost their production at the corner position. White was one of the most polished corners in the draft, but he just didn’t have the measureables or flash that people expect out of first round corners.

When you turn on the film, you begin to understand why he was so reliable at LSU. It was due to technique. His technique is refined, and that can be attributed to hard work and great coaching. The current LSU defensive backs coach is Corey Raymond. Raymond has been on the staff as a DB coach since 2012. Before him was a coach by the name of Ron Cooper (2009-2011), who is now the defensive backs coach at Texas A&M, but who served on the FIU staff as the defensive backs coach and defensive coordinator from 2015-2016.

Although Raymond will get most of the credit for tutoring White, a lot of the techniques taught were also taught when Cooper was there. What is even more interesting is that new Bills assistant defensive backs coach Bobby Babich crossed paths with Cooper while at FIU last season. Babich was the defensive backs coach for FIU, so he is well aware of the techniques Cooper taught in the following videos. Watch Cooper demonstrate his man coverage techniques, then watch White execute them in the following videos.

Motor-Mirror technique

White executing the Motor-Mirror technique


Outside release-Lean and press


WR’s Hips Drop


White executing the lean and press then breaks when the WR’s hips drop


Outside release-cutting off the route


White cutting off the outside/fade release


Shuffle drill

White executing the shuffle technique


As you can see, White really absorbed his coaching and executed the techniques consistently. These techniques are some that I am sure the Bills will utilize in 2017 to maximize his and the other defensive backs’ skills. Most Bills fans expect Leslie Frazier and Sean McDermott to predominantly play zone coverage, but based on the current roster, I believe that we will see more man/pattern matching coverage. White, Seymour (traded), Darby (traded), and the rest of the defensive backs should continue to improve their techniques under coach Gil Byrd and Bobby Babich this season.

Full Ron Cooper Video: