Free Agent Profile: Guard Phil Haynes


Guard Phil Haynes, 6’4” 322 pounds, 33 ½ Arm Length

Signature Stats: Consistent – Tied for 15th among all G with a blown block percentage of 2.4% and his blown block percentage of 0.7% on run plays tied for third among all G (SIS). Versatility: 240 snaps at LG and 819 at RG.

Contract Projection: 1 year, $2M, $1M GTD

Cover 1 Take: Similar situation to David Edwards with previous starting experience that may sign as valuable IOL depth

Summary Report: Standing at 6’4” and weighing 322 pounds, brings size and versatility to the offensive line. Despite limited playing time with only 372 snaps over the last five years, he has demonstrated flexibility by playing both guard positions. As a zone blocker, he fits well into schematic run game strategies. However, Haynes struggles with adjusting to defensive linemen shooting backdoor gaps on zone runs, often resorting to lunging. While he lacks the leg drive to displace defensive linemen, he can create horizontal displacement on outside zone runs. In pass protection, Haynes shows promise in play-action dropback games, engaging early and showcasing a good anchor recovery against speed-to-power moves. Nonetheless, his footwork and balance need refinement, and he could benefit from adopting a more aggressive mentality in pass protection.


Signature Skill/Trait: Zone Blocker