Free Agent Profile: Safety Alohi Gilman


Alohi Gilman, 5’10”, 201 pounds

Signature Stats: Career high 7 PBUs & only gave up 22 receptions on 34 targets in 2023

Contract Projection: 2 years $6M, $3M AAV, $3M GTD

Cover 1 Take: Career season in contract year can often be a red flag, but his age, health & versatility may indicate a future starter with development

Summary: A reliable last line of defense safety, adept at communicating coverages and playing over the top of slot receivers in off coverage. While lacking elite athleticism, he compensates with excellent angles to the ball and controlled play in run support and in the passing game. Gilman excels as a Zone defender and displays sound tackling in the open field. Despite average reactive athleticism, he demonstrates efficient transitions and composure when the ball is in the air. However, Gilman can occasionally struggle with tunnel vision, biting on play-action and leaving his assignment uncovered. Overall, his ability to read the play and make impact plays on the ball makes him a valuable asset in the secondary. -Turner

Signature Skill/Trait: Angles to the ball leading to impact plays