Free Agent Profile: Safety Brandon Jones


Brandon Jones, 6’1″, 198 pounds


Signature Stat: Allowed fewest yards (55) for all Safeties with 250+ pass coverage snaps.

Contract Projection: 3 years, $15M, $5M AAV, $7.5M GTD

Cover 1 Take: Young for FA, coming off career best season in contract year, but looks to be trending up vs a traditional contract year blip

Summary: Athletic safety known for his versatility and positional flexibility. He excels in various defensive alignments, capable of playing as a post or split-field safety, as well as in nickel or dime packages. Jones is proficient at making tackles from depth and possesses a reactive, “click and close” style of play. His rangy abilities, combined with a downhill mentality, make him effective in pursuit and coverage. Notably, he showcases very good closing speed and explosiveness at the point of contact, relishing physicality and delivering impactful hits. Jones is particularly well-suited for zone defense schemes, where his instincts and athleticism can be fully utilized. -Turner

Signature Skill/Trait: Explosive physicality