Free Agent Profile: Wide Receiver Tyler Boyd


WR Tyler Boyd, 6’2″, 203 pounds


Signature Stat: Finished 2023 13th in the league in 1D earned from the slot (22)

Contract Projection: 2 years, $15M, $7.5M AAV, $12.5M GTD

Cover 1 Take: Drought-Busting Hero has been 3rd fiddle in CIN but has been consistently efficient throughout. Heavy slot snap % may drive BUF to look for outside WR starter

Summary: Exceptionally efficient and effective slot receiver, utilizing subtle cuts in route stems to gain leverage and consistently come away with the ball. He’s equally adept in condensed formations as a boundary receiver. With his surveyor-like field vision, Boyd excels in finding openings against Zone Coverage. The veteran receiver extends the QB’s strike zone over the middle of the field with his willingness to drive into a car crash and still come out with the ball. Mentally tough and reliable in critical moments, he demonstrates precise timing in route execution, syncing perfectly with the quarterback’s progressions. Boyd’s incredibly reliable hands further solidify his status as a top-tier receiving threat.

Signature Skill/Trait: Leveraging the breakpoint