Is the Culture Changing?


Not buying into the changing a culture talk at One Bills Drive? Ok, I get it. Maybe McDermott hasn’t changed the culture to a winning one completely just yet, but he definitely has changed the mindset of the players. Is that not a part of turning around a downtrodden franchise? A key ingredient to changing a culture?

This franchise let a lot of very good talent walk this summer. Out walked Mike Gillislee, Stephon Gilmore, Robert Woods, Marquise Goodwin, and Zach Brown. They traded Sammy Watkins, Ronald Darby, Marcell Dareus, Cardale Jones, and Reggie Ragland.

Some of those guys were the most productive and talented players at their positions.

Put last year’s roster and this year’s roster on paper, side by side, and tell me the 2016 doesn’t look more talented with a straight face — I don’t think you can.

During the drought, the team hasn’t been able to win consistently. What do you think happens to players during times like those? The answer is that they expect valleys to occur; they expect to lose. Their mindset is all wrong.

Whose job is it to keep the team focused? The head coach.

In order to change a losing culture, in order to win consistently, your coach must change the mindset of the players. He has to get them to care about each other, to become a family, so that they have emotional ties to each other’s highs and lows. Add in hard work and preparation, traits that are built into high character men, and you have a special formula — building blocks to changing a culture.

Many of you may believe that ‘changing a culture’ is a myth and will cite winning as the counter argument.

Winning … AND you’re right!

McDermott has gotten his players, his organization, and this city to believe in themselves, each other, and, most importantly, the that they can WIN versus anyone.

Winning changes cultures, but in order to win you have to build a TEAM, and McDermott has.

If that isn’t changing a culture, then what is?


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